Friday, July 30, 2010

High School Information

Attention: Important information has changed.  Carefully go over this document again!

This information is for referees registered for HS and comes from Jeff Eschenburg and Mark Merritt.  If you have questions, please email Jeff or Mark.

High School season is just around the corner; unless you are a new referee you should already have paid your dues to NMAA.  If you have not, please do so immediately if you plan on getting games! There is a lot of important information in this post so please read it carefully.

Finishing reading "High School Information"

The High School website can be access by clicking here.  You will find a lot of valuable information on there, including announcements, maps to the fields (don't rely on Google maps to get you to a game!), policies and important dates. All regions have been invited to have their own section on the website but so far only the NE and Central regions are taking advantage of this.

The NFHS exam will again be online.  Please use this link to take the test when the date is announced.

NFHS Officials will now see two additional groups on their Arbiter login page:

Newe Mexico Central hub

You will need to log into the New Mexico Central Hub with the normal username/password and select "Testing" from the menu.  Referees have until September 15 to complete the test and you have one allowable attempt at it.  We're not sure if that means one and done, or if you get another try if you fail.  Try not to test that theory out and just pass the first time.

On the NFHS Main site you can select the soccer icon on the right side and find rules and other resources on the left hand pane.  Please review this info before taking the test.

Any questions on the test go to NMAA.

Please make sure that all of your information is correct on Arbiter, as this effects your timely payment for games. You must complete a new W9/Contract, which can be found in the file cabinet on the website.  Central region referees must be current ASRA members to get assignments.

Important Dates 
The Central clinic will be held during the ASRA meeting for August (08/10/2010) at 7:00pm.  If you are new HS referee this year you must attend a clinic on the Dual System of Control.  Haven't done that yet?  Well, you only have one more opportunity: Los Lunas HS August 14th, 8:30am and 11:30am slots.  Please contact Jeff for information (also an opportunity to be observed in the middle for higher level assignments).

There will be continuing training throughout the season.  Of the available sessions you must attend at least six; the District Clinic will count as two sessions towards the total of six required. There are HS meetings on Monday August 30, September 27 and October 18; ASRA meetings also count towards your total (Second Tuesday in September, October and November).

Again, if you have any questions about the above information please reach out to Jeff or Mark.  Although I've done my best to ensure this information is accurate, you are responsible for ensuring you meet the requirements to maintain your certification and eligibility for the state tournament.

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