Saturday, April 16, 2011

RTS 2011

Orion and I are in Dallas for the Regional Training Seminar, a two day training session for Professional Referees put on by US Soccer.  Yesterday we had training from US Soccer staff with a heavy focus on the MLS Points of Emphasis and video analysis.

This morning we had to complete the fitness test which includes 6x40 meter springs and the interval distance test (12 laps of 150 meter intervals with 50 meter recovery).  After the test we returned to the classroom for more instruction and video analysis.  We finished the day off with a review of the FIFA AR test (hint, if you don't know the answer always guess that it's not an offside infraction).  The rule of thumb for AR's now is if you are not completely sure, keep the flag down.

Both of us passed the fitness test (and the AR test, but that doesn't matter) so we'll be eligible for PDL games this summer.  Four other NM Referees arrived today for the Dallas Cup tournament (Santos Toquinto, Oscar Toquinto, Mark Merritt and Steve Schafer).

More updates to come...