Monday, August 10, 2009

Week in Review 20

If you haven't found your way over to US Soccer's web page lately you're in a for a pleasant surprise. Well, at least I think it's going to be a pleasant surprise. That is, after you get used to the new layout of the web page.

One thing that is surely welcome is the introduction of another Week in Review. This time, thanks to the new layout, we get to see videos that are of slightly higher quality. No longer are we watching a video the size of a postage stamp! We can now (gasp) even put the video to full screen if we're feeling a little wild. Enough with the sarcasm, just go check out the new layout already.

The WIR for Week 20 looks at several situations that involve various forms of 100% Misconduct. The review is much needed and good to have. However, note the theme in many of the situations. We, as referees, must have the courage to administer punishment when required of us by the LOTG. But we must always be in control of our emotions when doing this. Of course you need to be firm and resolute, but at the same time don't be rude, shout or curse at a player. Demand respect while showing that same respect back to the players!

Look at the referees in the clips. Do you often see the card displayed straight up, high above the head? Not very often do you see the card "flung" towards the the player, almost "in their face." That's because shoving a card in someone's face is, simply put, rude.

So let's continue to focus on being professional out there. I hope everyone is ready for the season to start!

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