Monday, August 10, 2009

Statewide Clinic

Once again the Statewide Clinic was a success! This year our guest was Sandra Hunt, former FIFA referee. She gave a great presentation to a full room of referees on Saturday. Written testing followed the instruction that day, with the physical testing bright-and-early on Sunday morning. After that there was some more instruction from Sandy specific to Assessors, Instructors and State Referees.

All of the people I spoke to said they learned a lot from the meeting. I know that being able to pick the brain of a referee who has been to the top (FIFA) is a rare opportunity and I never want to pass that up. Even more rare is having a FIFA referee in our own state! I hope everyone who was able to make it had a great time. Those of you who didn't make it, remember that we'll have one of these meetings again next year around the same time of the month. There is never a clinic fee for the Statewide Clinic and Dave Vehar does a great job bringing in "big names" to do the instructing.

If you haven't recertified for 2010 that means the clock is ticking. Keep an eye on the website calendar to see when you can take that pesky test to retain your badge.

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