Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kris's Update on ODP

Thank you to Orion for giving a great review of the ODP Championships held this past weekend. It was indeed a great showing for NM Referees and I look forward to us making more progress at FWR 2009. All referees who participated did a great job; if you see them around ask about the experience!

Orion Stradford
Marc Laws
Ryan Ehgartner
Amanda Forletta
Oscar Toquinto
JP Afonso
David Bernard
Kris Grano

Keeping up with tradition I've loaded some pictures and, for the first time, a brief video. Unfortunately Blogger will only let me upload 100mb or less of video, so the quality of this one is kinda poor. The slideshow is better quality but lacks the fun transitions between pictures and music, so take your pick or watch both.

If you see any pictures that you'd like to have in "uber-high quality" please email me and I'll send them your way.



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