Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week in Review: Week 9

The latest publication of Week in Review is available on US Soccer's website, or by clicking below:

Week in Review

A lot of discussion has come up lately related to situations at State Cup and other summer tournaments.  One of the critical elements of being a successful referee is to become a student of the game.  There are constant changes at play in how the Laws of the Game are applied and we must adapt by staying current on the updates and applying them to our matches. Week in Review is just one way we can stay on top of it all.

Do not think that you can rely solely on your instructors or assessors to convey this information to you.  First of all, we don't have enough time to cover every item during the recertification clinics.  Second, consider the fact that its "too late" if the assessor is having to remind you of a change in application during your post-game debrief. 

If you feel like you need clarification on anything mentioned in WIR articles please don't hesitate to ask.  Frank Serianni can take requests if you feel that a subject would be good to review at an ASRA meeting, as well.

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