Friday, January 22, 2010

ODP Championships 2010

A select group of eight NM Referees started their season a little early this year. Once again we had a great group of referees attend the Region IV ODP Championships. The tournament was again held in Phoenix, AZ, at the beautiful Reach 11 Complex.

We drove down as a group on Friday morning, taking our time and even stopping for a nice lunch in Gallup. Once we were checked in at the nice hotel, we had dinner and talked about what to expect at the tournament. The next few days would go by quickly; early mornings and long hours at the field finished with evening meetings will do that to you. We had instruction from National Referees, National Instructors and even a FIFA AR.

After some rain on Monday we finished finals on Tuesday with only partly cloudy skies and fairly dry fields. Overall, the tournament was a success and we learned a lot.

Referees in Attendance:

Orion Stradford
Wilfido Mendez
Oscar Toquinto
Clayton Merritt
Mark Merritt
Amanda Forletta
Bob Croft
Kris Grano

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