Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Games Ahead

As different as MLS is from what we do every week, it is still fundamentally the game of soccer and therefore has some similarities. Many of us are winding down the season and preparing for the last few tournaments before we kick back for the winter. Others are getting ready for the State HS tournament or post-season college matches. Guess what? MLS referees are getting ready for the post-season, too.

Read the Week in Review 31 and see how each referee gets ready. Note that they prepare regardless of whether or not they know they are getting an assignment. Kevin Stott notes that "the idea of continuing to strengthen the referees must continue whether you are directly a part of the match or not." So get out there and provide feedback and, most importantly, support your fellow referees. Try not to be upset if you don't get the final match you had set your eyes on; instead, congratulate those who get the opportunity!

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