Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Far West Regionals 2009

The weather sort of reminded us of New Mexico over the seven days spent in Lancaster, CA for FWR 2009. A total of ten referees and one assessor represented NM at this large event. Days consisted of usually 2-3 games, several hours out at the field, evening meetings and later meetings to get yelled at by the SYRA (or given assignments). Even though the days often started early and ended late the group had a good time overall.

Congratulations to those that were selected to attend this year (roughly fr
om left to right): CJ Merritt, Amanda Forletta, Santos Toquinto, Mark Merritt, Frank Serianni, Kerstin Shrader, Oscar Toquinto, Jorge Garcia, Kris Grano and Seth Gilpin [not pictured: Nigel Holman, assessor]. Once again we had a great showing on the final day of games with four of our referees getting final assignments:

Mark Merritt - 4th Official Boys U-12

Oscar Toquinto - Referee Girls U-12
Santos Toquinto - AR1 Girls U-12

Kris Grano - Referee Girls U-18

Would you like to attend Regionals next year? Since the process can be a bit ambiguous look forward to a post giving you the steps necessary to better your chances of being selected. Remember that next year FWR is coming to Albuquerque so we'll have more opportunity to provide local referees!

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Orion, Grade 5 Referee said...

I'm very proud of this group that represented our state out in CA! They all look real sharp too!