Tuesday, May 5, 2009

State Cup - 1st Weekend

Except for a brief period of rain it was a great weekend for soccer. US Soccer was kind enough to send us Kevin Yant to help with the pre-tournament meeting and give us feedback throughout the weekend. An added bonus was that his wife, Christel (Region IV Administrator) was also able to be with us.

Kevin gave us a great review of the US Soccer Directives on Friday night, as well as review some amazing FIFA training videos. I can't stress enough the importance of knowing the Directives. If you haven't read them already (or just want to read them again) then click here. Saturday night a smaller group of referees meet and we reviewed the games as a group. As a wrap up the group took a FIFA video test for offiside offenses. It was a real eye opener!

Overall we started the tournament off right. There are still some things that we need to work on but we're moving in the right direction. Thank-you for all of your hard work and please keep up the good effort. The games will only get harder as the intensity level rises and players get more tired. We must continue to be at the top of our game!

Check out some of the photos by clicking here. If you would like a full-size copy of any of the pictures please email me.

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