Friday, March 13, 2009

Own Goal?

You can be around the game for a long time and still learn something...

Let's see if you can get this right on the first try. Answer the question as if you were presented with the situation in a live game and had to decide without the luxury of looking it up in a book. As before, first person to email me the correct answer will win a prize/small trinket.

It's a beautiful sunny day at the complex. Not a cloud in the sky but its still brutally cold due to the 35 mph winds blowing north to south. You've done three games today but the last one will prove to be the most challenging.

Team A is playing a rival club (Team B) and the match has challenged you since the first whistle. Although play is often one sided due to the wind your legs are burning from the constant sprints to keep up with the ball. You rest briefly as the goalkeeper chases after the ball. He gets it back and sets up to put the ball in play from a goal kick.

The ball is kicked, it clears the penalty area and is immediately caught in a stiff wind gust. The ball hangs momentarily, losing a battle of physics as it slows, reverses course and rides the wind back towards the goal.

It goes right in.

What's your call?


Soocer said...
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Soocer said...

It is a Corner Kick. You can't score on your own directly from a Goal Kick.

Also, had the keeper touched it to try and save it, it would be an IDFK.

Orion, Grade 5 Referee said...

The photo looks like me AR-ing last weekend!