Saturday, February 28, 2009

Training & Development 2009

Training & Development Session 2009
Classic FC Cup

The second T&D Session went very well thanks to the participation from referees, assessors and administrators. We had two referees travel from Las Cruces and Taos to participate in the training and games.

The weekend started with a meeting Friday night (combined with the Upgrade Orientation). Jeremy Vehar gave a great presentation on information that was given to him at National Camp. There is something exciting about seeing the same presentations that were given to National Referees from across the country. Thanks for the info, Jeremy!

Games started early on Saturday and continued on throughout the day. Orion Stradford was kind enough to allow us to videotape his match from start to finish. He did a great job but didn't give us too much information to go over since the game went very smoothly. There were a few items that we talked about during the late afternoon debrief session. All referees were welcome to attend as we gathered around our makeshift projector screen and watched clips from the game. Orion gave his insight on what happened and what was going through his mind. There were some lessons learned about AR mechanics on a goal decision that we'll make sure to discuss in more detail later.

All in all it was a good improvement on the first session. We're going to keep working on getting this right; stay tuned for another session sometime in the near future. Hopefully those who attended got something out of it.

Note: I'll have a slideshow of all the pictures taken up in the next week or so.

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