Sunday, November 16, 2008

Test Question Incarnate

How many times have you been taking the yearly exam and stumbled across a question that seems strange? You know that one that seems so outlandish and you think to yourself: "I'll never see that in my game." That may be true but usually those weird questions are written to mirror a real life event. I can't remember if its the State or the regular test that has a question similar to the situation below but its not something you see everyday.

Watch the video here and then come back and post a comment as to what the restart is and where the ball will be placed. Think about it and remember the answer since you might actually see this happen. Alright, that's probably a small chance but it could still be on a test.

Oh, and for those that have seen this already at the training session (yes you, Clayton! Haha...) don't cheat and answer it since you know the answer already.

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