Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thank you

A big thank you to everyone who helped out with the Far West Regional League and DCSL games these past few weekends. There were some great games out there and I know we all learned a lot. A few things that I noticed:

  • Pre-game discussions are a vital part of the game. A lot of the "mistakes" I saw out there were related to communication failures. Failures that in part could've been avoided by discussing situations during pre-game.
  • League rules, know them! If the league you're reffing has special rules (such as with FWRL and substitutions) make sure you know them. Also, ask other people with experience for suggestions on how to handle the different rules so that you don't mess up.
  • We need AR's to clean up their signals overall. Don't relax too much when you aren't in the middle, remember you need to look sharp, too.

I have also learned a lot of things about FWRL and our referees. We had the pleasure of some Las Cruces referees coming up to do games and I hope to continue that in the future. I think they learned a lot and we did, too. Remember that State Cup and Sandia Cup are just around the corner. Try to keep working on the details to make yourself that much better! There are going to be some decisive (and therefore challenging) games ahead so stay on top of things.

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